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Sunday, 1-Oct-2006 15:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Big Dawg

He came into my life in early July two years ago. He was heavy when he leaned into my bosom - furry and black and sweet. The rottweiler who came to be known as Pleito. 
He has bounced his way in and out of my daily life as he has destroyed precious belongings and contributed to my broken wrist. But it is all forgiven when i look into those playful eyes. 
When I come home from a busy and tiresome day at the office, he licks my hand as I grope for the gate closure - this is the entrance fee. 

A series of contradictions this big dog Pleito. He has been schooled and yet he is as dumb as a fence post. He hears nothing when i speak to him yet he can hear horses and cows and cats that are blocks away. He is as dangerous as he can be yet he is as gentle as a fuzzy chick. He will threaten you within one inch of your life if you come to the gate unannounced yet he will step back when the gates are opened as if to say "I could have had you any time". Perhaps it is only to get a "run" at you. He can skip backwards without hesitation but will never do it on command. He can kick a football that would make any quarterback proud yet sometimes he can barely make it up the stairs. He can make those same stairs in one bound and sometimes he is afraid to come down from them. 

I have grown to respect his size, his power and his energy - Oh, the abundance of Pleito, the protector of Casa Libertad -this loyal, tar colored soldier that will feign your existence - just for a hug or a gentle word from another. He means what he barks but only if he isn't too tired. 

Weighing in at 160 pounds or more, he demands respect...and he sports a set of pearly whites that will give you pause. You might want to think about it before you come a-calling......

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Wednesday, 26-Jul-2006 13:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
From an Acorn....


Monday, 24-Jul-2006 00:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Oh - Baby!!


Monday, 17-Jul-2006 13:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Foggy Sunrise


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